Add contactless payment acceptance to your software platform.

Power up your existing mobile app with card present payment acceptance capabilities and enable your merchants to accept contactless payments on their NFC-enabled mobile device without any additional hardware.

• Seamless checkout experience.
A solution that fully blends with your native UI.

• Certification complexity is removed. No additional certifications required*.

• Simple and fast integration.
From GO to the first transaction in record time via a fast integration that is both global and scalable.

• In-app onboarding.
Onboard your merchants within a few minutes through our in-app digital onboarding tool; no paperwork required**

Tap & Process comes in two flavours to answer your needs: a Wrapper (a semi-integrated solution) or a Software Development Kit (SDK).

mobeewave tap and process

*”Applicable for the Wrapper” product only
**Optional. Additional costs may be required

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